Cast Iron Spiral Stairs

Model 1890

It was around 1890 that the famous French art foundry Val d’Osne launched the production of this unique staircase. The factory, known for the production of street furniture and decorative cast iron, became fastly, after its foundation in 1836, the most important art foundry of cast iron in France. The staircase is one of their silent witnesses.

After the success of the reproduction of the 1880 model, designer and reclaimer of old building materials Mario Vos decided to take also this model back in production in order to expand the range of models and to give more choice to its customers.


The height

The total height of the staircase can be achieved by accumulating the number of needed stairs (knowing that a stair/step is 18cm in height).

The diameter

The diameter of the starcase is 156cm (61.4 inch). The staircase is available in two directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise. 20 stairs do make a complete turn.

The landing

The (steel) landing connects the staircase with the upper floor. The landing is available in three dimensions: square (in case of a square or rectangular stairwell), turning (in case of a round stairwell) or triangular (in case of a mezzanine). Has to be ordered seperately.

The weight

The staircase weighs 26kg per stair/step, all elements (like baluster, central axe, etc.) included.

The finishing

The staircase is delivered without any treatment. It’s up to the client to choose his finishing: conserve the rough cast iron aspect or paint it with a metal paint. Black paint can ordered with.

The balustrade

Supplementary balusters are available in the same style as the staircase in order to make a corresponding balustrade.


  • Art object from the industrial era (around 1890)
  • Silent witness from the famous art foundry Val d’Osne
  • Sober and sturdy ambiance
  • Space winning compared to straight staircases
  • Adjustable height (according to the number of stairs)
  • Supplementary balusters available to make a balustrade
  • Ads value to the building
  • Easy mounting system of interlocking
  • Can be put both inside and outside
  • Available in two directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise

Select the rotation direction and sizing. Sizing runs from 90 to 720 cm.

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