Spiral Stairs by Villa d’Or

Staircase BordeauxClose-up Bordeaux staircaseSpiral staircase BordeauxClose-up spiral staircase BordeauxBordeaux spiral staircase

Spiral staircase Bordeaux

A very elegant spiral staircase, named after the French city of Bordeaux, with a small diameter of only 122cm, making it an ideal staircase for areas where space is limited. The staircase makes a complete turn with 14 steps. The perforated treads also allow the staircase to be put outdoors.


The height

The client can determine the height of the staircase by multiplying the number of treads. The height of a tread is 20.5cm.

The diameter

The (outside) diameter of the staircase is 122cm. The staircase turns around an axis of which 14 treads make a full (360 degrees) turn. The size of the stairwell should ideally have the same size as the diameter of the staircase, but can be larger as well.

The landing

The landing is the last tread, the exit of the staircase, connecting the staircase to the upper floor. Three shapes are standard available: 3/14 round, straight corner and triangular. If necessary, a bespoke landing can be made.

The weight

The staircase weighs about 18kg per tread, all elements included.

The finishing

The staircase is delivered in raw loose parts without finishing. It is up to the customer to choose the desired finish: either to keep the raw appearance of the metal, to wax or to paint. A (metal) wax or matt paint (anthracite grey or black) can be ordered and delivered with.

The balustrade

To make a balustrade (to secure the stairwell) additional balusters are available. The number of balusters is calculated according to the space/distance in between the balusters.


  • Art objet of the Victorean era (around 1900)
  • Sober and rich atmosphere and fits almost any interior
  • Space winning compared to straight staircases
  • Additional balusters available to make a railing/balustrade
  • Adds value to the building
  • Easy assembly (assembly instructions are delivered with)
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors


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